Helping Children Cope With The Move!

Helping Children Cope With The Move!

As disruptive as moving can be for parents, the experience can be even more traumatic for you children. Children of all ages can need some time and special attention during the transition. When parents are sensitive to the impact of moving on their children, they can make moving a positive experience. Try these tips to make the process less stressful for everyone.
Preparing to Move

  • No matter the circumstances, as soon as possible talk to your children about the move and answer their questions completely and truthfully.
  • Show the children the new home and their new room prior to moving.  If this is not possible, pictures or videos will help them visualize where they are going.
  • Assure children that you won’t forget their friends. Make a scrapbook of the old home and neighborhood.
  • Throw a good-bye party.  At the party have their friends sign a t-shirt.
  • Have your children write good-bye letters and enclose their new address.  You may wish to call the other children’s parents so that they will encourage return letters.
  • When packing, give your children their own box and let them decorate it.
  • Have children pack a bag of essential, favorite, "can't live without" things to keep with them at all times.

After the Move

  • Maintain your regular routines, i.e, read stories they love, maintain consistent bedtime rituals, play favorite games, and sit down to a family meal—even if you are surrounded by boxes.
  • Involve them in making the house a home. Let your children unpack boxes, put books on the shelf, organize the silverware, etc.
  • Visit your children’s new school, playground, park, etc… Take a camera.
  • Start a scrapbook for your new home and community.
  • Encourage them to send letters or emails about their new home to their old friends.
  • Help your children invite new friends over to your new home.
  • Let your children choose a new favorite restaurant.
  • Involve your children in groups, sports, and activities like the ones they used to participate in.
  • Access religious and community organizations. They can provide a ready structure of activities, contacts, and resources for the whole family.

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